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The Pier 9 - How It All Started

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

The Pier 9 all started with a holiday stop in Swakopmund while Lars and I (Kimberley) were travelling through Namibia.

It was nothing more than a coincidence that we decided to stay at one of the beautiful lofts in the lower ground of the building the first time around.

We just got back from a long trip through Kaokoland and the Skeleton Coast. Lars and I simply could not wait to finally have some civilisation and a clean warm bed after all the camping.

Once we entered the building, we immediately fell in love with the atmosphere. The views are breathtaking, the apartments are sparkling clean, the design and quality of the whole building was something we have not seen in Namibia before. Well, once I saw that the appliances are all Miele, and even the kitchen cupboards have automatic LED lights that turn on in a warm tone when opening the draw to look for a fork, I WAS SOLD!

This building had something that kept pulling me back. For the next couple of visits to Swakopmund we decided to stay at The Pier only. Everything else was a no-go.

After our 3rd visit here in 2021, we decided to take a look at some of the available properties in the building... as you can imagine, once we entered Unit 9, sun shining, ocean views sparkling everywhere you look we had no choice but to invest in this beautiful property.


Here's what Unit 9 looked like the first time we viewed the apartment.

As beautiful as the Loft already was, I had a very clear vision of what feeling I wanted to create for our future guests.

I want to create an Atlantic Ocean Oasis! Bringing in the coziness and comfort for those misty coastal days, but also balancing it with an airy warm tone to highlight the golden shimmer on the Atlantic ocean when the sun sets on a summers day.

My colour pallet: GOLD AND TEAL.

Everyone thought I was crazy, but I really had a good feeling with this theme stuck in my head.


This is when the magic started to happen. In March 2021 we started renovating and furnishing. The most stressful part was definitely if the sofa was going to match the teal wall. The feeling of relief I had when I discovered it had the perfect matching tone was indescribable!


After two weeks of renovations, lots of shopping, planning and finalising the interior, the Loft was ready to go!

We didn't stop there. The last step was to test if the Loft had everything that it needed...and what better way to find out than to live in the space yourself. I decided to stay in Swakopmund for another week and really test if everything is working and up to our standards. We still do this every few months to ensure our guests have the absolute best time when staying at The Pier 9.

Here is the final result!!!

We are so proud of our beautiful Atlantic ocean Loft and we look forward to welcoming you soon!

Sending lots of sunshine from Namibia!

See you soon,


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